What You Need to Know About a Cartridge Heater

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cartridge heater

To get a high-quality cartridge heater, you’ll need to be sure to buy one that has an accurate resistance rating. Not all heater cartridges are made with the same precision as their electrical counterparts, so they may be close to one of these values, but you should still test them before installing them. The resistance rating of the cartridge is a significant factor, because it will determine the length of time the heating element lasts in a specific application. More info – https://ramacorporation.com/products/cartridge-heater

The Heat Generated By Cartridge Heaters Is Localized And Extremely Effective

A high-density cartridge heater can provide exceptional power for its size, while its casing allows it to distribute heat evenly. Because of its density, high-density heaters are made to withstand tough working conditions. This is because they are designed to withstand high temperatures, vibrations, shocks, and expansion. Their design combines a cylindrical ceramic core with a tightly wound resistance wire, which allows the heater to have multiple power zones.

A typical cartridge heater has a heating coil that consists of a copper or nickel chromium wire wound around a ceramic core. The watt density of this wire depends on how many turns there are per inch of the core. Once the wire has been wound around the ceramic core, the current flows through it and heats up the sheath. The sheath is covered with a coating of magnesium oxide to protect it from corrosion.

The most common uses of a cartridge heater are in the heating process industry. Its cylindrical shape provides pinpoint heating for a variety of materials. They are generally smaller in diameter than the item they are used to heat, making them ideal for smaller spaces. Because of their precision, they are widely used in manufacturing and can be tailored to a specific watt density for a specific job. They can also transfer heat from one area to another. A high-quality cartridge heater will last for many years and provide excellent heating.

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