The Benefits of the Kryptonite Lock

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kryptonite lock

You can purchase a Kryptonite lock from the company’s website. The company has two types of locks – the Mini-5 and the New-U Evolution Lite. Both types of locks are lightweight and offer secure protection for bikes in transit and metro areas. The New-U Evolution Lite weighs just 730g, making it a lightweight option for those who need secure protection for their bicycle. Listed below are some of the benefits of the Kryptonite lock.

Are Kryptonite Locks Hard To Break?

The Kryptonite lock was invented by Michael Zane in his family’s sheet-metal shop in Boston. The company specialized in fluorescent lighting fixtures, but it also made bicycle parts and bicycle locks. To promote his business, Michael Zane drove around the country in a VW bus and stopped at bike shops. Eventually, he designed and manufactured the Kryptonite lock. Later, the company changed the design to include a rectangular bonnet.

The Kryptonite New York D lock features increased shackle space and three stainless steel keys. One key has an LED light for extra visibility, making it impossible for thieves to steal your bike at night. The 16mm Max-Performance steel shackle on the Kryptonite New York D lock is resistant to bolt cutters, a thief’s go-to tool.

The Kryptonite company is currently working on an alternative locking mechanism for its latest line. The company’s goal is to introduce non-ACE flat key mechanisms into its 2005 line, and this is happening rapidly. Kryptonite’s business development director, Donna Tocci, joked that the new lock design might be a solution to the global steel shortage that is threatening the supply chain. The company has also considered commissioning a sculpture for the company HQ.

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