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Water Filter Repair

Your home’s drinking fountain might be suffering from a malfunctioning filter, but fortunately there are ways to restore it to working order. In some cases, a simple DIY repair will be enough to get it back to peak condition. Experts in the field are highly skilled at fixing all types of drinking fountains, including reverse osmosis units. They will also be able to fix any types of faucets, as well as water coolers.

How to Do Water Filter Repair

water filter repair

In some cases, water filter repair is as simple as a replacement. After inspecting the filter, rinse it thoroughly in warm water and liquid soap. Before inserting the new filter, lubricate the O-ring to ensure that it will form a water-tight seal. Using a ruler, measure the new filter’s length, and remove the packaging from it to make sure it is the right size. This should take about an hour.

If you suspect that your water filter is faulty, the first step is to replace it. Your technician will likely recommend a new one if the current one is too old and in need of replacement. Changing your water filter can save you money on repairs because you can save money and avoid having to buy a new unit every time you need to replace it. As long as you choose a qualified technician, you can expect your system to perform at its peak efficiency again.