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In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of powered flight, Utah State University's (USU) Aeronautics Laboratory and the Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) are constructing a modified replica of the Wright Flyer using state-of-the-art composite materials in a unique blending of the historic and the present. Following a community celebration with associated activities, the Flyer will travel along a historic route for display during the 100th Anniversary ceremonies.

The project will involve students from almost every college at USU. A Design Team comprised of senior Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Industrial Technology students are building the flyer. Public relations, marketing, education and history students will also be participating in the project.

If enough funds are raised, an Outreach Tour will be scheduled for K-12 schools across Utah. A national tour is another vision for the flyer, ending with a flight at the Centennial Celebration in Dayton, Ohio in 2003.

Using the Wright brothers' inspiring legacy, our goal is that the USU Wright Flyer will inspire future students to continue to imagine and dream.

"I am afflicted with the belief that it is possible and practical for man to fly." - Wilbur Wright, 1899

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