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Build Team - MarcMarc Karpowich
Quarter Scale Design/Build Team Manager

Marc’s extensive background in remote controlled model aircraft made him the ideal candidate to lead team efforts in building a quarter scale model of the Wright Flyer replica. The flying model was featured at the DINOTEK technology exhibit during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah and will be used in educational outreach projects throughout the state. A native of Mahwah, New Jersey, Marc has a penchant for Harley Davidson motorcycles and just about anything that flys.
“Participating in the project is providing me with opportunities to learn more about the use of composite materials and the engineering of wing-warping,” said Marc, who is working toward a two-year associate degree in airframe and powerplant.

Build Team - RobertRobert Allen
Replica Building Team

A flying enthusiast, Robert helped to design and build the rudder on the quarter scale replica and is using what he learned to help with the full-scale replica. A junior majoring in aviation maintenance technology, he hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan.
“I’m no engineer, but I enjoy designing and building aircraft. I’m learning a great deal about aerodynamics and strength of materials principles.”

Build Team - TylerTyler Buck
Replica Building Team

A member of the Army Reserve, Tyler works on the Apache Helicopter (AH-64) and admits that the Wright Flyer is quite a change of pace. The Ogden, Utah native, who is majoring in computer and electronics technology along with airframe and power plant technology, helped to build the canard, rigging and fabric covering on the quarter scale model. He’ll continue to be involved with the project as he assists with construction of the full-scale replica.
“It’s not every day one gets the opportunity to help with cutting-edge technology. I’m learning a lot about composite manufacturing and the various new materials available.”

Build Team - BlakeBlake Burton
Replica Building Team

A native of Wyoming’s Star Valley, Blake enjoys both flying remote-controlled aircraft and piloting “real” planes. The sophomore aviation technology helped build the quarter scale model of the USU Wright Flyer replica and is now constructing parts for the full-scale replica out of composite materials.
“Building an aircraft is great experience. I’m learning that good ideas – even those that come from professors -- must be tested.”

Build Team - JamesJames Call
Replica Building Team

A freshman aviation maintenance technology major, James is involved with documentation, organization, machining of hardware and assembly of the full-scale replica. This “jack-of-all-trades”, who hails from Tremonton, Utah, brings seven years of experience as a machinist in the aerospace industry to the project.
“This is a very interesting project and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a great team.”

Build Team - ShaneShane Dougal
Replica Building Team

A senior majoring in aviation maintenance management, Shane hails from the mining town of Price, Utah. He assisted with construction of the quarter scale model, including hand shaping the props, and is now helping with fabrication of the wing ribs for the full-scale replica.
“It’s interesting to watch how a project such as this goes together from start to finish, including the different steps of design and fabrication.”

Build Team - ChaseChase Hamblin
Replica Building Team - Welding

A junior majoring in welding engineering, Chase is performing portions of the welding and heat treatment of welds on the full-scale replica. He is a native of Vernal, Utah and enjoys camping, hiking, music and learning.
“The experience and knowledge I’m gaining from this project will help me with my senior project, which includes the use of various composites. I’m also learning a lot from being a part of a team.”

Build Team - JesseJesse Hoover
Replica Building Team

Jesse revels in all aspects of aviation and its history, so the Wright Flyer project was right up his alley. Raised near Hill Air Force Base in Layton, Utah, the sophomore aviation maintenance management major lists flying, working on cars and aircraft, and sports as his top interests.
“From this project, I’ve discovered just how detailed the design and manufacture of an aircraft is.”

Build Team - CodyCody Huet
Replica Building Team

Cody helped to build the quarter scale model of the USU Wright Flyer replica and is helping to construct the full-scale replica. A member of USU’s Air Force ROTC, the Denver native enjoys sports, cars and any kind of aircraft.
“Examining the differences between early planes and modern aircraft is fascinating. I’m learning how technology can make things better.”

Build Team - SamSam Jacobs
Replica Building Team

When asked about his hometown, Sam simply replies, “Military” – which anyone associated with the armed forces immediately understands. A junior majoring in aviation technology, Sam says he’s enjoying learning about the history of the Wright Flyer and powered flight, as well as the technology behind it.
“The flight of the Wright Brothers’ original aircraft is a great event in history and it’s an honor to be a part of the centennial celebration.”

Build Team - CodyYing-Yen Lin
Replica Building Team

An international student from Taiwan, Ying has studied aeronautical maintenance at USU since 1998. He is very proud he can be a member of Wright Flyer Project.
"When I was a child, I read the story about Wright Brothers. Then, the dreams come true after 20 years. I have the opportunity to participate this project. I also learn a lot from my experienced instructors and teammates. The Wright Flyer Project will be an unforgettable memory in my life".

Build Team - PatrickPatrick Saunders
Replica Building Team

Encouraged by classmates to get involved in the USU Wright Flyer project, Patrick is involved with the construction of the wings and wing coverings. The sophomore aviation technology major will also be involved in planning the transport of the finished aircraft.
“It’s interesting to learn about the methods used in the construction of early aircraft as well as the design and fabrication of modern composites,” says the Logan, Utah native.

Build Team - JillJill Stout
Replica Building Team

A member of USU’s Air Force ROTC, Jill says she’s eager to being involved in building the full-scale replica. The Tooele, Utah native is a junior aviation maintenance management major.
“I’m looking forward to participating in a project that goes hand-in-hand with the subjects I’m learning in the classroom.”

Build Team - ScottScott Wilson
Replica Building Team

A sophomore in aviation maintenance technology, Scott sees the USU Wright Flyer project as a perfect way to gain hands-on experience in his field of study. He’ll assist in the manufacture of composite parts and the assembly of the full-scale replica.
“This is a great opportunity to apply what we’re learning from textbooks and classroom lectures,” says the Logan, Utah native.

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